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Artificial Insemination

  • 45 min
  • 50 British pounds
  • Location 1

Service Description

Whether you own both the bitch and the stud to be used in the pairing or you plan on using an outside stud, the traditional breeding method has some inherent dangers. Animals may struggle, severely injuring the stud during the tie. Bitches can bite when feeling agitated, as dogs may be overzealous in their efforts, hurting the bitch and causing excessive stress. Some of these common issues are a result of a dogs’ character and how it reacts to stressful/exciting situations, others are just due to inexperience. Artificial insemination takes all of the elements of animal personalities and desires out of the picture, and provides a safe, calm way to breed your dogs. With AI there is no physical interaction between stud and bitch, eliminating any chances of behavioural mishaps. Dogs and bitches can both carry viruses, kennel grounds can harbour serious diseases that may not affect healthy dogs, but can cause spontaneous abortions in bitches, or abnormalities in puppies.

Contact Details

  • Cranleigh, UK


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